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Welcome to Kaipara Pines Alpacas

Thanks for stopping by our site. We hope that you enjoy your visit and that you are able to gather all of the information that you require about these wonderful animals called “alpacas”.
We have been breeding alpacas for the last six years and we feel that we’ve done our homework. We’ve visited numerous farms, scoured the Internet, perused registry databases and examined show records in Australia and New Zealand to find many of our female alpacas and the sires that we use for breeding.
You won’t have to spend much time learning about alpacas before sire names such as Highlander, Inti, Brigantine, El Dorado, Warrior and others will mean something to you. All of our females have either been sired by, mated to, or are descendants of, such venerable herd sires.
Like most breeders, we certainly have a few “unimproved” females in our herd. By breeding these old girls to the best sires we can find, however, we anticipate a significant overall improvement in our herd in a relatively short period of time.
Most of our breeding females are very much improved and it is easy to see the improvement in each generation when sires with such excellent fibre and conformation are used in our breeding program.
We urge you to make yourself a cuppa and click on “Herd Genetics” for a wealth of information on the herd sires that have had the most dramatic effect on the alpaca industry in Australia and New Zealand.
The section on “Alpaca Facts” should cover most of the questions you may have and the “glossary” should help you with any jargon that we’ve used.  You may also wish to visit our extensive library” containing dozens of articles about all aspects of breeding and owning alpacas.
If, after perusing our site, you have any questions, please click on “Contact Us” and we’ll do our best to answer them.