Alpaca Huacaya Stud Male

Kaipara Pines Yuma

Yuma is one of our finest-fleeced working males and he  would have inherited that characteristic from his sire, Coricancha Brujo.  Looking at his genetics (Highlander, Brujo, Inti, Brigantine), is it any wonder that his fleece stats look promising?

Fleece statistics:

   1st fleece,  18.06u, 4.56 SD, 25.2 CV, 18.3 SF
   2nd fleece, 20.04u, 3.61 SD, 18.0 CV, 19.0 SF
  3rd fleece,  21.80u, 4.50 SD, 20.7 CV, 20.8 SF

Show results (only shown once):

   2nd, Junior White Huacaya Male, Franklin, 2006

The photo on the left (below) is a close-up of Yuma's fleece.  The photo on the right is Coricancha Brujo, Yuma's sire.



    Chilean Sire
  Purrumbete Highlander  
    Chilean Dam
Coricancha Brujo    
    Peruvian Sire
  Jolimont Brujeria  
    Peruvian Dam
Kaipara Pines Yuma      
    Chilean Sire
  Purrumbete Inti  
    Chilean Dam
Shannelle Jade    
    Purrumbete Brigantine
  Benleigh Jewel  
    Benleigh Crystal