Herd Genetics

Coonawarra Julius

This male is arguably Australia’s Coonawarra Juliusfinest black working male, holding a fine micron at nearly 10 years of age. He has proven himself year after year, lowering micron markedly from dams to progeny. More importantly, his progeny hold their micron and retain a lovely fleece year after year.

Julius passes on his fineness and handle with lustre, density and crimp. The proof is in the progeny, and apart from all the lovely females, he has sired numerous stud quality males. He is the sire or grand sire of a string of black ribbon winners like Elvis Presley, Dorchester and Downing Street - now all stud males working around Australia.

Fleece stats:

   1st fleece,  mean=19.8u, sd=5.6, CV=28.5
   2nd fleece, mean=18.0u, sd=3.7, CV=20.4
   3rd fleece, mean=19.6u, sd=4.2, CV=21.6
   4th fleece, mean=21.1u, sd=5.5, CV=26.0
   5th fleece, mean=22.1u, sd=5.4, CV=24.4
   6th fleece, mean=21.5u, sd=5.5, CV=25.4
   7th fleece, mean=24.3u, sd=6.7, CV=27.8

Several of our black alpacas have Julius somewhere in their family tree.

  Chilean Sire  
Suricaya Sir Sydney    
  Chilean Dam  
Coonawarra Julius      
  Peruvian Sire  
Coonawarra Julia    
  Peruvian Dam