Alpaca Huacaya Stud Male

Silverstream Eduardo

Eduardo represents a significant investment in Eduardoany one alpaca and we're confident that we won't be disappointed. He's packed with Accoyo genetics and has won several significant show championships. His sire (Jolimont Commisario) is one of the top males at EP Cambridge Stud in South Australia and his dam (Jolimont Elga) is one of the primary donor females in the ET programme at Silverstream. Her eighth fleece was only 24.01u, 4.57sd, 19.0cv and 90.7cf.

Commisario (see photo below) was the number one Accoyo male picked for EP Cambridge's 2003-2004 import from Peru. He has wonderful bone structure, a nicely-shaped head, excellent overall conformation, plenty of coverage, and a fleece style with lovely handle and character. The folks at EP Cambridge only do very select matings with Commisario. He is only available after ten bookings are made with other males in their herd, thus making his genetics very desirable.

Eduardo looked a champion from as early as two months – he stood proud and grew fleece everywhere, right down to his toes. His fleece is beautifully crimped, in well-aligned staples.

Eduardo's density, crimp and excellent staple structure are evident in his progeny that are available for your inspection.

Eduardo's fleece stats (sample taken when he was 25 months old):

   23.89u, 5.55sd, 23.20cv, 89.8cf, 44.0 curve

Show results:

   Reserve Champion, Junior Huacaya Male, Expo 2005
   Reserve Champion, Junior Huacaya Male, Canterbury 2005
   Reserve Champion, Intermediate Huacaya Male, Ellesmere 2006
   Champion, Intermediate Huacaya Male, Ashburton 2006
   Champion, Intermediate Huacaya Male, Expo 2006
   Reserve Champion Huacaya Male, Upper Clutha 2007
   1st, Senior White Huacaya Male, Sheffield 2007
   2nd, Senior White Huacaya Male, Auckland 2007
   Champion, Senior Huacaya, Waikato's World, 2007
   Best Fleece in Show, Whangarei, 2007
   Reserve Champion Conformation, Whangarei 2007
   Best Composite in Show, Whangarei, 2007

Solid white

Born 25 February 2005

The photo (below) of Commisario (Eduardo's sire) says it all.


Eduardo's family tree below:

  Peruvian Sire  
Jolimont Commisario    
  Peruvian Dam  
Silverstream Eduardo      
  Peruvian Sire  
Jolimont Elga    
  Peruvian Dam