Herd Genetics

ILR Peruvian Don Julio

Roger and Clyde Haldane chose Don Julio ILR Peruvian Don Julioin Peru along with the famous US stud male Peruvian Hemingway. Don was earmarked by the Rural Allianza for the National show team. In fact his sire was the 1993 National Supreme Champion of Peru.

Don Julio is twelve years old and has perfect conformation with a finely crimped fleece literally jam- packed onto his bold thickset frame. His progeny are outstanding.

In 1995 and 1996 he came second to Peruvian Drambuie in the National U.S. Show judged by Maggie Krieger where the judge admitted to having problems separating them.

Fleece stats:

   1st fleece,  mean=19.1u, sd=4.3, CV=22.5
   2nd fleece, mean=21.0u, sd=4.6, CV=22.0
   4th fleece, mean=27.9u, sd=6.4, CV=24.6
   7th fleece, mean=27.9u, sd=6.3, CV=22.8
   8th fleece, mean=27.0u, sd=7.5, CV=27.5
   9th fleece, mean=27.5u, sd=6.7, CV=24.6

Peruvian Rural Alianza male    
ILR Peruvian Don Julio      
Peruvian Rural Alianza female