Herd Genetics

Cedar House Peruvian Ayaviri

Ayaviri was purchased in 1995 from the shipment imported from Peru by Allan AyaviriHamilton. Bred by the renowned breeder Don Julio Barreda this male was the National Champion of Peru in 1992 and is the only Peruvian Champion ever to have been imported to Australia. Even at 14 years of age, Ayaviri’s fleece had a low micron count of 24 microns, wass extremely lustrous and had the softness of handle of a cria fleece. Ayaviri has over 275 registered progeny and over 30 certified males on the ground, including Cedar House Aristotle, Cedar House Woolmaker and Cedar House Woolmaker 2. Keep an eye on Ayaviri’s progeny. They are likely to appear in a lot of show-winning pedigrees in the future.

Peruvian Sire    
Cedar House Peruvian Ayaviri      
Peruvian Dam