Herd Genetics

Canchones Provocateur

Provocateur was selected on one of Peter Kennedy's trips to Provocateur the Rural Allianza farm. On looking at him, it was an easy decision to select Provocateur.  He was exhibiting a soft handling, blue black, crimpy fleece and on aging him (based on his teeth), Peter discovered that Provocateur was between seven and eight years of age.

His fleece was last sampled when he was about ten years old and the results were:

AFD 22.2  SD 4.5  CV 20.5   CF 95.1 CRV 30.5

We are delighted to have a working male (Balducci) sired by Provocateur using embryo transplant technology.

If you are interested in purchasing females mated to Provocateur, please contact Robert Gane or Peter Kennedy at Canchones.

Peruvian Sire    
Canchones Provocateur      
Peruvian Dam