Herd Genetics

Canchones Gendarme

Gendarme was selected from the farm of GendarmePorfirio Diaz. Porfirio was the most successful exhibitor at the last Alpaca Fiesta in Arequipa in Peru in 2003.

Gendarme was selected on Peter Kennedy's first trip to Peru in February 2004. He has a soft handling fleece, with excellent crimp structure from the butt to the tip.

His fleece was last sampled when he was three years old and the results were:

AFD 20.2  SD 4.4  CV 21.7   CF 97.5 CRV 34.8

We are delighted to have a working male (Ferragamo) and pregnant female (Balencea) sired by Gendarme using embryo transplant technology.

If you are interested in purchasing females mated to Gendarme, please contact Robert Gane or Peter Kennedy at Canchones.

Peruvian Sire    
Canchones Gendarme      
Peruvian Dam