Alpaca Huacaya Stud Male

Ambersun Epsilon

We are very pleased that the folks at Ambersun AlpacasAmbersun Epsilon (South Australia) have agreed to let us use Epsilon for matings while he is in New Zealand.  Epsilon came to New Zealand with a dozen other males, all destined for the UK.  While he could easily have passed screening, we convinced his owners to leave him here, at least until the end of the year.  This unique opportunity will make it possible for discerning breeders to
utilise the sought-after Ultimo and Auzengate genetics.

Epsilon's fleece stats tell you a lot.  In particular, please note the numbers for CF and CRV.  What the fleece stats don't tell you is how quickly his fleece grew after his quarantine shearing and that his fleece is very dense with nice bunding and excellent crimp.

Date shorn:
  January 2008
Age when shorn:  4.0 years
Fleece stats:  AFD 18.8  SD 3.6  CV 19.3   CF 99.8   CRV 45.2

The photo below is of Fine Choice Peruvian Ultimo, Epsilon's sire.

Ledgers Legacy

  Peruvian Sire  
Fine Choice Peruvian Ultimo    
  Peruvian Dam  
Ambersun Epsilon      
    Peruvian Sire
  Peruvian Caudillo  
    Peruvian Dam
Ambersun Allegra    
    ILR Ppperuvian Auzengate
  Ambersun Gold  
    Pascala Raffina