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About Us

At a recent Alpaca Association of New Zealand conference, Mike Safely (noted author, alpaca judge and breeder) asked people attending his seminar what first inspired them to farm alpacas. About half the audience—and we were among them—said that it was seeing their first alpacas at Mystery Creek.
Actually, it was Kathy who saw them first, and she tried to convince me to buy a few of these lovely animals. Everything was fine until she mentioned the price. It was then that we decided to buy a few more sheep instead.
Shortly after visiting Mystery Creek, we made a big decision to sell our farmlet in Albany and build a new house somewhere on the Kaipara Harbour. After about 20 years of breeding pigs, sheep, cattle, horses, goats and chickens in Albany, we shifted to South Head on Auckland's west coast.
Christmas rolled around, and I was short of ideas as to what to get Kathy for a present. After a lot of discussion with half of the alpaca breeders around Auckland, I arranged two surprise Christmas presents for Kathy. The first was a weekend at Rocky Bay Alpacas at Tutukaka, and the second was two alpacas of her choice.
Since purchasing our first two alpacas, our herd has grown to over 150 pregnant females, 15 certified stud males, and a dozen or so pet males ready to leave home. Kathy is afraid to go to work for fear that she’ll come home to find that I have purchased a few more alpacas.
We've joined the Alpaca Association of New Zealand, attended over 40 alpaca shows, attended the last five national alpaca conferences and come to know some terrific people who share our love of alpacas and the lifestyle that accompanies them.
You can read about the two different types of alpacas (suris and huacayas) by clicking on “Alpaca Facts”. Many breeders have decided to breed both types, although most are breeding only one. We prefer the “huacaya look”, and we feel that it is difficult enough to improve the genetics of one type without trying to do two. Hence, our decision to only breed huacayas.
Please take some time to view the material on this site. You are welcome to visit our farm to view our alpacas, and we look forward to sharing our knowledge with you. The farm is located at South Head, about 25 kilometres northwest of Helensville. For you mainlanders, South Head is 60 kilometres northwest of Auckland. Our alpaca herd has a lovely view over the Kaipara Harbour, and they have agreed to share it with us two-legged critters.
Chuck Rademacher